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KV Shoes is located in Morisset NSW. We specialise in helping you find the footwear that best suits the purpose. With over 35 years experience selling and fitting footwear we have the knowledge and expertise to help recommend the best option. So if you need shoes to fit your orthotics, footwear with built in support, or just need a pair of thongs, we can help… Don’t quite know what you need or wondering if there’s alternative options to what’s been suggested for you, let us know and we’ll work with you to find the best footwear to suit your needs.

Recent updates and new arrivals…

Shoes and slippers in stock.
Please contact for available stock.
Link with more details coming soon.

Large range of slippers and ugg boots always in stock.
Product information coming soon.

CC Resorts
Please contact us for available colours and sizes
kv shoes morisset foot logics
Footlogic orthotics

Link to products coming soon
Uggies, various styles in stock.
Please contact us for available styles.
Product information coming soon.

Here’s some of the brands we stock !