School Shoes

– Fitting and selling school shoes for over 35 years –

Our school shoe range includes a variety of styles ranging from the traditional style school shoe through to the more active sports style, plus a range of styles in the more sneaker/lifestyle area .

Some styles shown below may vary slightly from the images depending on current availability

Please note, stock and size availability changes quickly this time of year, so please be aware we may have sold out of certain styles and/or sizes at any time.

The below information should be used as a guide only. Feel free to contact us if you would like to confirm the availability of a particular style.

Sports/Active Style – Velcro

Various brands
Sizes: 11 to 2
Prices $59.95 to $89.95

This is the velcro version of the popular lace up style. We tend to stock this in the smaller sizes for the little one, larger sizes can be order pending availability.

Performance Active

New Balance ‘624’
Sizes: Yth 4 to Mens 14
Price: $140

The New Balance is the ‘performance’ version of sports/active, this simply means it has a few more feature to help with comfort and support for those the foot that is a little more active.


Roc ‘Harbin’
Sizes: 36 (4) to 41 (10)
Price: $120

Sneaker/Street style by Roc. Leather upper.


Various brands
Sizes: 1 to 7
Price: from $59.95

Another sneaker/street style in generic brands.

Traditional/Classic – Velcro

Currently sold out

Roc ‘Jumungi’
Sizes: 11 to 1
Price: $120

Velcro version in the traditional or classic style. Smaller sizes only.

Traditional/Classic Mens

Slatters ‘Premier’
Sizes: 6 to 12
Price: $129

Mens traditional lace up. Leather upper

Sports/Active Style – Lace

Various Brands
Sizes: Child 11 to Mens 14
Prices: $69.95 to $99.95

The lace up sports style is our most popular selling school shoe due to being more suitable for everyday school ‘stuff’. Also, depending of the schools requirements, the one pair of shoes can be used as a school shoe and a sports shoe.


Munka ‘Rhino Work Grip’
Sizes: Yth 4 to Mens 12
Price: $89.95

A slightly more sturdy style with slip resistant sole. Designed to be suitable as a work shoe as well as a school shoe.


Roc ‘Vortex
Sizes: 36 (4) to 41 (10)
Price: $130

Sneaker/Street style by Roc. Leather upper

Traditional/Classic Youths – Lace

Roc ‘Juno’
Sizes: 13 to 4
Price: $120

This is the traditional or classic style school shoe. Smaller sizes only.

Traditional/Classic – Mary Jane

Roc ‘Juicy’
Size: 11 to 1
Price: $120

Mary Jane style with velcro fastener. Smaller sizes only

Traditional/Classic Mens

Roc ‘Domain’
Sizes 6 to 12
Price: $139

Mens traditional style lace up. Leather upper