The original double plug (double pluggers) thongs, yep ! These are the genuine authentic ones. We’ve been selling these for as longer than I’d like to admit (remember they use to be available in blue too !). They did have a slight name change some years ago to “multi plug” but are now back to the original name.

So if they have Double Plug ™ on the label, then they should be the genuine pluggers.

Tip: Due to postage cost it’s not a bad idea to order a few pair… it’s not necessary, we’re happy to send one pair if that’s all you need.

Sizing: M5-6 (10″), M6½-7½ (10½”), M8-9 (11″), M9½-10½ (11½”), M11-12 (12″), M13 (13″)

** BACK IN STOCK ** Size M8-9 arriving soon