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The Genuine and Original Double Plugger

Black Only
(as per the image to the left)


Mens 5-6 or Wms 7-8 (10")
Mens 6½-7½ or Wms 8½-9½ (10½")
Mens 8-9 or Wms 10-11(11")

Mens 9½-10½ (11½")
Mens 11-12 (12")
Mens 12-13 (13")

Price: $12

Refer to sizing to the left. Please also note any "out of stock sizes"


Quantites can be changed in your shopping cart.

So what the story now...

Ok, so as an update to the  previous information (see below), the original company has now purchased the company that has currently been supplying our "Multi Plug" thongs. The orginal company owns the registered name "Double Plug" and therefore will now re-brand these back to "Double Plug".

Please note that this may take some time to filter through our stock, so you may find you will receive some branded "Multi Plug" and some branded "Double Plug". They will be exactly the same product, just with a different label.

Here's the new look. Same thong diferent label.


- - - - - - - -

Here's the old story...
The company that supplied the original "Double Plugger" has decided to no longer supply them.

However, they still own the name rights for "Double Plug"
Therefore the name can not be used by any other company

However, a new company has sourced the factory that made the original thong
and it will now be sold as the "MULTI PLUG"... not quite as catchy, I know !

The only difference between the original and the new one is that the sole will not longer have
"Double Plug" imprinted on it and the label will read "The Genuine Multi Plug".
Other than that every thing else is the same.

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